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Hildegard Christina Risse is a German artist who works in Düsseldorf and Brooklyn, New York. Born in Mettmann, Germany, she initially pursued a career in business administration and earned her degree while managing the responsibilities of being a single mother. However, she never gave up her lifelong dream of becoming a painter. Her passion for art led her to transition into contemporary art.

Risse’s artistic journey began with her studies at the Free Academy of Painting in Düsseldorf from 2008 to 2013. She further refined her skills under the guidance of renowned artist Prof. Markus Lüpertz. In June 2017, she completed her studies as a master student of Prof. Markus Lüpertz, an experience that significantly influenced her artistic development.

Her works are characterized by spontaneity and the use of a wide range of materials, including acrylic, oil, marble flour, silver foil, and pigments. Risse’s paintings often combine abstract and figurative elements, creating a dynamic interaction of colors and emotions that deeply engage the viewer.

Hildegard Christina Risses’s creative process is highly personal and unpredictable, often inspired by the blank canvas before her. HCR describes herself as seeking freedom and finds her liberty in the act of painting. Since 2022, she shares a studio with an American artist in Brooklyn, immersing herself in New York City’s vibrant art scene and constantly commuting between Germany and the USA to develop new ideas and projects.

Between 2022 and 2024, Hildegard Christina Risse also created and published an art book trilogy with Robert Freund, which is available in German bookstores and on Amazon.

„AMERICA“ ART BOOK by Hildegard Christina Risse
„To Brooklyn with love“ ART BOOK by Hildegard Christina Risse

„ART is not democratic,

ART is elitist“

Markus Lüpertz

German painter and sculpter