Experience the creative process with the German artist in the published HCR ART Trilogy. An art book series consisting of the titles „PORTRAIT,“ „To Brooklyn with Love,“ and „AMERICA.“

„AMERICA“ ART BOOK by Hildegard Christina Risse

This is me,

Hildegard Christina Risse

I would like to take you with me into my creative process, day by day. Being
color addicted and having found my personal passion in the abstract world,
sometimes with figurative elements. 

June 2017 master graduate with Prof. Markus Lüpertz.

Hildegard Christina Risse

When staying before the blank canvas it  provokes inspiration. The high
degree of unpredictability. In my world spontaneity is the key. 
Painting allows me to feel free, to feel completely „into the story“.

I am working with a wide palette of different materials such as acrylic, oil,
marble flour, silver foil, pigments, as well as soft
lyric color combinations, a dance of colors.

Emotions and reality are
processed, I want to involve the viewer.
During several exhibitions in Germany and USA (represented there by
galleries online at ART Basel/Miami, San Diego) I showed my paintings and
will do so in future.

Kunstgalerie – Übersicht

„Art is another dimension . ..“

Hildegard Christina Risse
Portrait Painting by Hildegard Christina Risse

Born in Mettmann, Germany, I am working as painter/freelancer in

In my early years  I studied  business administration with diploma. I had to

earn my living as a single mom. After that time I followed my passion and

dedicated myself to the art world:

  • Art study at FAfM – Freie Akademie für Malerei im Novalis Hochschulverein, Düsseldorf, 2008 – 2013.
  • As from September 2014 Prof. Markus Lüpertz: 3 years’s study, masterclass graduate, free painting. Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Kolbermoor.

June 2017 master graduate with Prof. Markus Lüpertz.

Art Studies with:

  • Prof. Markus Lüprtz: free painting, 3 years study, masterclass graduate 
  • Arnim Toelke: nude painting
  • Reinhold Braun: free painting
  • Friedrich Dickgiesser: free painting
  • Leander Kresse: free painting
  • Rosa Loy: figurative painting
  • Prof. Siegfried Anzinger: figurative painting
  • Jan Holthoff: free painting workshop, NY school 1940 – 1960
  • Frank Hülsebeck: painting and drawing
  • Hannelore Busch: drawing
  • Jin-Sook Chun: drawing and painting
  • Setsuko Ikai: etching
  • Leif Skoglöf: portrait painting
  • Christoph Rehlinghaus: oil painting
  • FAfM im Novalis Hochschulverein: painting, etching, monotypie, drawing bei
  • Jens Kilian
  • Seminar Felix Eckhardt
The artist Hildegard Christina Risse with a New York doorman on the rooftops of NYC.

Since 2022 I am sharing a studio with an American artist painter in the
vivid artist area of Brooklyn.  I am  commuting between Germany and NYC
permanently, working on new ideas influenced by this metropolis.